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Latest Technology and Data Mining Tools

With our advanced data mining tools and resources, you can expect only the highest quality service and the most accurate and optimal results.

Complete Data Security

We care about your safety and reputation as much as we care about ours, which is why we implement a secure data mining process.

Quick Project Turnaround

Time is an asset we can’t afford to waste. Our data mining specialists work diligently to provide confidential information when you need it.

Competitive Pricing

You’ll always get what you pay for — and more! We’re generous enough to offer competitive pricing and work a little extra to deliver the best results.

Customized Services

You don’t have to be shy. Tell us exactly what you want or need, and we’ll tailor our services for your maximum convenience. Flexible services, same quality output!

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What We Can Do for You

When it comes to gathering data for research, planning, and marketing use, you can only rely on industry experts to be your data mining partner!

Web Data Mining

We collect, scrape, or retrieve all kinds of data from various sources, including websites, web-based databases, and emails, and make it readily available for storage and analysis.

Multimedia, Image, and Text Data Mining

Need images, text, audio, videos, e-books, or pdfs to support your marketing initiatives? We have the tools necessary to retrieve multimedia data of all sizes and formats from across the Web.

E-book Data Mining

E-book data mining is not an easy task, but it’s something we’re always willing to do for our clients. With the latest technology and tools, we’re able to find, collect, and process the information you need.

Financial Data Mining

Our industry experience has made us more than capable of gathering financial data for a wide range of clients in different industries.

eCommerce Data Mining

Learn about your competitors and find out what you’re missing. We extract product and pricing data from countless e-commerce sites to help you formulate better strategies and increase your sales.

Financial Data Mining

Our industry experience has made us more than capable of gathering financial data for a wide range of clients in different industries, so you can stay on top of the competition.

Social Media Data Mining

We collect data from social media using effective strategies to help you improve your products and services, identify opportunities for promotions, and see what competitors are doing.

SQL Database Mining

We use a variety of manual and automated SQL data mining techniques to scrape information from countless sources on the internet and create databases for our customers.

News Stories Extraction

Our team of experienced professionals and data analysts specializes in news stories extraction to provide you the latest happenings in your niche –– from stock market trends to healthcare businesses.

Market Trend Monitoring

Stay ahead of the curve by gaining knowledge of the latest market trends, monitoring your customers’ behavior, and aligning your business strategies with today’s industry best practices.

Competitor Growth Analysis and Tracking

We monitor your competitors’ standings, growth, and activities to help you interpret data and find ways to improve your business performance. It’s like 50% spying and 50% strategizing.

Service, Product, and Brand Feedback Search

Customer feedback can make or break your reputation. We’ll find mentions or comments about your brand, products, or services across all online channels.

Why Outsource Your Data Mining Projects to

We care about your business. Our goal is to help grow yours, which is why we make sure you get the highest quality service and the most reliable solutions available. When you outsource data mining services to, you can be sure that your business and information are in the hands of industry professionals.


Our unique selling points are the reasons many local and international businesses outsource their data mining projects to us. If you think those are not enough, there’s only one way to find out: work with us. Find out what sets us apart from other data mining service providers.

How Our Data Mining Service Works

To ensure quality work and customer satisfaction, we follow a comprehensive data mining process. Here’s how it works:

1. Get Data Set Requirement from the Client

Before we start mining for data, we get data information from you regarding your project, purpose, goals, and requirements. We need to know what you want.


2. Data Sourcing

We look for potential sources of credible data. Assessment and fact-checking play an essential role in this phase.


3. Data Collection

We start collecting, extracting, and retrieving data after qualifying sources and identifying the most reliable ones. Only experienced data mining analysts perform this task.

4. Analyze and Arrange Data Output in Client’s Required Format

We know how convenient it is to get the data in the format you prefer. We make sure the data we provide is readable and easy to use for your business.


5. Quality Assurance

Every data mining work done by our team goes through a rigorous check to ensure data quality, cohesiveness, and accuracy.


6. Delivery of Final Data

We deliver the final data in your requested format. We use secure data sharing and communication platforms to make sure your data remains safe and confidential.

Work with Our Data Mining Analysts

Data mining requires experience. You’ll be dealing with sensitive information and a host of data gathering and processing tools. Technical, organizational, and cognitive skills are necessary to perform a variety of tasks.


Our data mining and research professionals have a wealth of industry experience. We can create databases and handle small and large projects. We serve as an extension of your in-house marketing and business development team. With the help of cutting-edge tools, techniques, and resources, our team can deliver accurate and timely results.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Mining Services

Data mining is a long, complex, and demanding process. Instead of exhausting your resources on this job, why not outsource data mining services to Your team will thank you for that. What’s more interesting is that you can reduce overhead costs and make better business decisions because you’ll have access to the information you need.


On top of that, you’ll be able to view the market on a different perspective, understand your customers’ behavior, and find ways to influence their buying decision. Once you formulate better business strategies, you can gain more qualified leads and increase your sales.


That’s what you’ll get from outsourcing data mining services to us – and you deserve it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes your services superior?

Our work speaks for itself. We can’t stress enough how good our services are; we let our clients see for themselves. If you’re ready to make a difference on your business, work with us and discover the opportunities we can unlock for you. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process.



Q: How fast can you provide the data I need?

Your satisfaction and convenience are important to us, which is why we work as fast as possible to deliver your final data when you need it. The turnaround time depends on the nature of work required by your project and the quantity of data you need. We can create a schedule upon consultation and assessment of your requirements.


Q: How much is your rate?

As a trusted data mining outsourcing company, strives to keep the service rates competitive. Our cost-effective data collection and management solutions set us apart from other data mining service providers. We will discuss everything when we provide a quote. Get in touch with one of our data analysts for more information on our pricing.

Q: How can my business benefit from data mining?

As a business owner, you need to gain a better understanding of your market and the behavior of your target customers. By gathering data across multiple channels and platforms, we can provide information that you can use to make informed decisions.


Q: Why can’t I do data mining in-house?

Data mining is a highly technical and demanding process. Even if you have the time and workforce to do the task, outsourcing is still a more practical option. We have the tools, technologies, and resources to get the job done right. We do everything remotely, so your databases and systems remain safe. You can focus on doing business while we take care of your data mining project.


Q: I would like to create a database. Can you help me with that?

Yes. We have years of experience in creating databases for our small and big businesses. As your business grows, you need to gather more information to meet the requirements of your operations. With 365Outsource, your database will grow with your company. Let’s discuss the details of your project as soon as possible.

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