• Q: Where are you located?

All of our staff is located in Makati City, Philippines in the heart of one of the largest business districts in Asia. Because English is a required second language from grade school through college, the Philippines is a premiere hotspot for outsourcing and Western business processes.

  • Q: Can I lease staff by the hour?

Yes! Our professional staff is available at hourly rates to ensure you can outsource any project of any size. Our employees have excellent multi-tasking skills and can successfully carry out the project needs with efficiency and with the help of our management team and development collaborative internal systems.

  • Q: Do you require a contract?

No. We believe that if you like our services you will continue them with 365Outsource.com. We want earn your business trust and develop long term performance based relationships with clients who can count on us going the extra mile to service your needs on every project. For team rental services that require full time employees we do ask for a three month term to ensure that the training and development of the team is secured.

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  • Q: Can I have live support with my leased staffer?

Yes. All of our staff is trained and proficient in English and will be about to communicate with you directly via chat or email. You will also be assigned an account manager from our management staff to report operational updates to you and spearhead progress on the project.

  • Q: What hours will my leased staff work?

Our standard working hours are GMT + 8 (Local Manila time). We are 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the United States. We provide daily reports that give detailed insight into completed work and project progress. Staff during US business hours is limited and a team minimum of 3 full-time staff is required to secure US business hour operation.

  • Q: How do you charge your fees?

365Outsource.com has a transparent pricing structure. We charge a flat management fee that takes care of all employee related costs, office and hardware expenses, HR and employee relations costs. On all of our quotes, we clearly display our management fees vs. our employee costs. Fee’s formula: Employees salary + government fees + management fee.