Give Outsourcing a Break

Practically everyone is talking about technology or SEO outsourcing or offshoring. These have probably been the biggest tech topics for the past couple of years. Of course, for people in developed countries, outsourcing looks like a lot of skilled tech workers getting laid off. SEO outsourcing is much more than that. Once you take a step back and look at the larger issues, you will be able to truly appreciate the value of companies who outsource to the Philippines.

Outsourcing to the Philippines: The Facts

Offshore outsourcing is becoming a popular way for companies to expand their services without having to spend as much. It is also a great way to globalize their business. A good offshore destination is a place where a company can transfer its processes with minimal issues and problems. Outsourcing to the Philippines is worth it because of its thriving outsourcing industry.

An Effective Online Marketing Campaign

The success of an online marketing campaign is not something that you can definitely measure. It’s not an exact science. There are metrics, though, that can help you get an idea if you are going in the right direction. These metrics are helpful in evaluating the overall success of the campaign. It helps you decide on the direction of your SEO outsourcing efforts.

More Banks Outsourcing Processes

A lot of US banks lately are turning to outsourcing companies to take care of their nonessential business processes. Research reports suggest that, in a few years, the bank BPO industry will nearly double its 2008 earnings. That’s quite a jump: the banking industry invested $38.1 billion in business process outsourcing pursuits in 2008, and that’s expected to rise to more than $ 67 billion in 2015.