The offices are located in the heart of the Manila Business District in Makati City. Because of our location we attract and employ some of the country’s brightest and most efficient industry leaders as part of our Philippines outsource organization. We strive to provide an organization and location that encourages community activity and responsible career opportunities.

Our offices are located in one of the premiere outsourcing district hubs in the Philippines. From around the globe business leaders place their outsource solutions in the Makati Business District. Dell, Convergys and Citibank are just a few of the industry leaders that understand our shared strategic location and lay claim to Metro Manila as their Philippines outsource location.

We opt for an industry leading production floor with state of the art equipment to facilitate our client’s project needs. This allows for fast deliverables and a positive work environment. Professional logistics produce professional results through modern and classic workflow and a sound atmosphere. Our managed core team continues to keep morale up to a premium through workshops, events and promotions. Requiring professionalism in our environment allows us to create a work environment that extracts the best production and brightest that our staff has to offer.

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