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IT Outsourcing Services

Our IT outsourcing service enables you to reduce costs and achieve efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. We help you improve responsiveness to the constantly changing market and technical conditions.

Confidentiality and Security

We uphold a stringent protocol to ensure your data and information remain confidential and secure at all times.

Cost-Effective IT Outsourcing Services

Our approach allows you to reduce overall operational cost while providing high-quality solutions for all your IT requirements.

Highly Knowledgeable IT Professionals

Our highly trained IT team has access to the latest technologies and IT capabilities that align with your business needs.

What We Can Do For You

Focus on your core business without the technical headache and stress of managing the IT needs of your business.

Technical Support

We have experienced technical support executives who are equipped with both extensive technical knowledge and excellent customer support skills. Part of our process is understanding your business environment and requirements, while considering system variables. This enables us to come up with relevant, timely technical support solutions.

Web Server Administration

We help you implement the right solution the first time, so you avoid wasting resources and moneychasing after the wrong solutions. We remotely handle your servers’ technical issues, such as server optimization, server security and server monitoring.

Database Server Services

Hire us, and you’ll get 24/7 remote administration services. Setting up a database management team is a high-cost and high-risk venture. We can step in to handle your requirement from installation and configuration, to management and optimization.

Website and Server Uptime Monitoring

Our team monitors your servers round the clock We assess the priority of the alerts and initiate emergency rescue as necessary. We help you with performance monitoring, system health monitoring, security monitoring, and application monitoring.

How our IT Outsourcing Service Works

To deliver a cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality service, we have developed a streamlined process around your deliverables:

1. Provide

We perform the IT service based on what you and our team agree upon. No work is overlooked — we apply the highest level of accuracy and quality for every task requested.

2. Ticket

Our team follows a ticketing system to record compliance for any tasks that will be requested from our IT team.

3. Execute

We execute the request based on the compliance, and provide you work that meets your business standards.

Why Outsource Your IT Services to Us?

The best IT infrastructure not only requires regular maintenance, but also demands to improve the way your business does things – doing more with less.

We take care of your day-to-day operational activity, so you can bring strategic value back to the business. By providing solutions that are closely aligned with your core business operations, you get a better service for a fraction of the cost.

Our guarantee to you is to offer the highest level of service at all times.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Outsourcing

With a reliable IT outsourcing partner, you can save on time, effort, and resources:

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing your IT services leads to less overhead, fewer capital investments and staffing requirements, volume price breaks , and leasing options.

Access to Specialists with Expert-level Knowledge and Skill

You will be guaranteed higher quality of work for less, with increased access to the latest technologies and IT solutions.

Faster Results

Get faster results due to enhanced focus, higher level of skill, and better accessibility of technology necessary to execute work.

Predictable Expenses

Outsourcing companies offer flat fees and subscription-based pricing models. Costs will be in your control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is having an outsourced IT team really more cost-effective?

In addition to less overhead and staffing requirements, outsourcing your IT services means you’ll only pay for the service you request for. Since we only work for you a fraction of the time in a year, the cost is significantly less. Our pricing model also gives you better projection and control of the expenses.

Q: Will there be continuity?

Your network needs ongoing support to remain productive, minimize downtime, and increase profitability. This is why hiring an outsourced team to handle your IT requirements shouldn’t be a one-off purchase. We take the time to get to know your system, your company, and your industry to foster a strong working relationship.

Q: Is my organization too big or too small for outsourcing to work well?

We believe outsourcing is beneficial to businesses of all sizes. Our significant capabilities and resources mean we can handle large volumes of work or just specific tasks. For the arrangement to work, the client must feel they can confidently delegate their process to us.

Q: Is your hardware dependable?

We don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of our hardware. We know where to source the best equipment. We stay up to the date with market advancements and ensure we have the latest and most robust equipment on hand.

Q: How about security and confidentiality?

We take security very seriously. All client data will be confidential. We restrict access to our computer systems and to data backup media. This helps ensure all your data remain secure.

Q: What happens on my public holidays?

We base our hours of operation on your country of origin. One of the benefits of having an outsourced IT team is the peace of mind that support is available at anytime you need it.

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