Outsourced Local Citations to Fortify Your Local Presence

Our outsourced local citation building services make websites more prominent and relevant to the target location.

What is a Local Citation?

To land on the Google Snack Pack, you need a strong presence in the local digital space. Google needs to understand that you are located in a particular address and serve a specific geographic radius.

Local citations serve as a strong signal that you’re a local business serving local customers. A local citation is an online mention of your business name, address, and phone number. These can be found on local directories, reviews, news portals, blogs, and more.

Our outsourced citation building services make sure that you have consistent and accurate listings on these platforms. Your website becomes more prominent in the target location and enjoys a higher chance of landing on the Snack Pack.

Local Citations improve your rankings.

Citations are part of a strong link building and Local SEO campaign.

Local Citations drive traffic

Every mention that links back to your site is a chance to drive more traffic.

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Local Citations create great customer experiences.

If the customer can easily find contact information and address, they will trust your brand.

Our outsourcing company builds citations for local businesses located anywhere in the world.

Some of the platforms we work on are:

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Elements of a Solid Local Citation Strategy

  1. Consistency NAP – Local citations should state the same Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP). If listings provide inconsistent or inaccurate NAP details, customers might be frustrated and Google won’t trust any of these citations.
  2. Rich Listings – The best local citations go beyond the NAP. As much as possible, we incorporate the local business category, pictures, taglines, and logos to make the listing more interesting to customers. Google approves of it, too.
  3. Quantity of Citations – Don’t rely on one or two platforms — maximize your exposure. More citations will strengthen your digital presence.

The 365 Outsource Difference

Beneficial as it is, building local citations is a time-consuming task. But by outsourcing it to 365 Outsource, you reap all the rewards at a fraction of the time, budget, and effort.

  • Streamlined Strategy – We follow best practices and more. 365 Outsource has a streamlined outsource workflow that delivers high-quality work promptly.
  • Use the Right Tools – We’ve invested in advanced tools that determine the best platforms for local citations and track your existing listings.
  • Seasoned Team – No need to hire and train a Local Citation team. 365 Outsource has assembled one for you.
Local Citation Team Collaboration

Our Approach to Local Citation

Citation Audit

Our Citation Audit reveals your current performance. We check existing listings for NAP accuracy and track outdated citations that hurt your ranking potential.

Rich Citations on the Right Platforms

We build strong citations in platforms relevant to your target location. We also build citations in industry-specific platforms.

Editing of Inaccurate Data

A considerable part of our citation building services is fixing inconsistent and inaccurate data on existing listings.

Scalable Outsourced Solutions

We make it easy to update all your existing citations if you change your business name, contact details, address, or other brand information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What information do I need for Local Citations?

The core requirement is the NAP — this is the minimum. To create good citations, we’ll need your clients’ business email, tagline, logo, business category, multimedia files (photos and videos), and more. We’ll explain everything during our outsourcing consultation.

Q: What’s the difference between a Structured and Unstructured Citation?

Structured Citations are an organized listing of a business. These are citations we build and control. The most common structured citations are Google My Business and Yelp business pages. You have control over these listings.

Unstructured Citations, on the other hand, are mentions by a third party, like local blogs and news portals. Businesses usually don’t have control over these mentions.

Q: Do Local Citations impact Link Building?

If a citation links back to the business website, it’s considered a backlink and supports your link building initiative. That’s why when we build citations, we link it back to the site.

However, some unstructured citations don’t link back to your clients’ sites. These are not backlinks; they don’t help your link building strategies.

Q: How many locations does a Local Citation cover?

Our outsourced Local Citation campaigns target one location each. We focus our resources on making the site prominent in that geographic target. If you have multiple location targets, talk to our team for a tailored solution.

Q: Should I choose Local Citation over Guest Blog services?

Choose both. Local Citations complement Guest Blogs. Together, they create a strong backlink profile that makes your site more visible. Local Citation in itself is a powerful campaign but combined with Guest Blogging, it gives you a higher chance of appearing on the Snack Pack.

Q: Who determines the directories for the Local Citations?

Our outsourcing team uses advanced tools to determine the right places for local citations. We track, verify, and update your listings to ensure consistency of business information. When it comes to Local Citations, 365 Outsource does all the work so that you can focus on your operations

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