Achieving Brand Empathy through Outsourcing

It’s true – the level of empathy between brands and consumers is decreasing. The loyalty gap widens as more brands offering similar products and services vie for the attention of the same target customers.


Some companies fail to take advantage of outsourcing simply because they fear that the outsourcing provider may not be able to match the level of commitment and dedication needed to grow the brand and reach out successfully to more consumers. The lack of ‘personal touch’ is almost always questioned.


And so the question arises : Can we really outsource brand empathy?


In my opinion, yes we can. But regular interactions with customers don’t always translate to creating strong connections with them. It’s always shared values and beliefs that do.


Before you continue with your efforts to reach out to your target market, internal evaluation of your company values must be done. If you’re planning to outsource, then the first crucial thing to do is choose a provider that shares the same values that your company upholds. It may sound easy but in reality, it can be challenging but very rewarding. In all kinds of relationships (may it be an outsourcing or brand-consumer partnership) cultural and values alignment is a must.


Evaluating cultural fit, thought patterns, and work attitudes allow the business owner and the outsourcing partner to align acceptable expectations that will enable them to settle their differences constructively. Such alignment can segue into deep-seated, innovative changes in the way companies function, including how both parties meet demands for corporate social responsibility, achieve efficient product and service delivery, and improve the way they collaborate in devising strategic ways to respond to fast-changing consumer demands.


These new ways of doing business can change your organization’s manner of reaching out to consumers, and improve the way they identify with your brand. Since you have an outsourcing provider to help extend better resources, technology, and manpower to your company, the process of improving your value proposition becomes more efficient. Thus giving you more time to reach out to, and understand, your customers’ shifting preferences, provides you with more time to experiment on new channels to communicate with them where they are most comfortable, expand your services portfolio as needed, and even enter into new markets when the opportunity surfaces.


Take time to select from a long list of outsourcing providers, and your efforts will pay off. Do a checklist of the things you want to be known for as a brand. Think of the values you believe in as a company and find an outsourcing provider that supports and reflects those values. Once you found one, it will be way easier to take advantage of the outsource capabilities and resources to fulfill your business needs.


Today’s outsourcing models allow for greater flexibility and client control, it’s more strategic, and puts greater emphasis on increased collaboration. The results are far-reaching, almost always outweighing the benefits than the risks. Finding the right outsourcing partner enables you as a business owner to achieve business solutions which you never could have realized had you implemented it on your own.

Outsourcing isn’t just about operational efficiency and cost-cutting measures. Above all,it’s about value creation. Good outsourcing companies stick to the terms stipulated in your service contract. Great ones go beyond it by thinking of the end users’ welfare, aligning their values to their client’s, thus enabling them to genuinely nurture your consumers as if it were their own.

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