Communing with Ghosts: 3 Tips on Working with Ghost Bloggers


Maintaining a blog (or learning to maintain one) can take up a lot of time, and you might not have enough hours to go around when running your own business. Outsourcing content writers is a good way to make sure your blog has a constant stream of fresh content, but working with a ghost blogger can be a lot different from hiring someone to write other types of website content.


They’re called “ghost” bloggers for a reason – they’ll be producing blog posts that will be published under your name, and will not be associated with it. This makes the whole process more delicate than regular content writing, as your ghost blogger needs to write the way you would. They need to know your writing style and how to channel your voice in the posts they create.


Here are a few essential tips you need to remember when working with ghost writers.


Set Your Expectations


Lay out all your expectations and requirements clearly before you set your ghost writer to work. Specify the amount of work that needs to be done, and set clear deadlines. Review the writer’s rates and discuss them with him or her. You also need to create non-disclosure agreements your writer can sign, and establish that all assignments should be held in strict confidence.


Provide Guidance


Your ghost writer will be writing as you, so providing guidance when it comes to tone, angle, and word choice is an important step. Work closely with your ghost writer when choosing topics to write about. Provide examples of your own writing, or provide links to other blogs you’d like yours to emulate. The best ghost writers often pick up your unique writing quirks and nuances quickly, but you always need to give them time to learn.


Keep in Touch


Constant communication is the key to helping your ghost bloggers write exactly the way you want him or her to. Be open to any questions he or she may have, especially when it comes to word choice or your opinion on a major or sensitive topic. You shouldn’t wait for your writers to approach you first, though. Take the initiative and schedule regular meetings so you can help them stay on the right track without breathing down their necks.


The main idea that you can draw from all three of these tips is to communicate with your writers clearly and regularly. Sometimes simply allowing them to interact with you can give them a better idea about your personality, which can ultimately help them write more convincing blog posts.

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