Every Business Owner Needs a Brand Story

Human connectivity as they say is the DNA of social media. People crave that strong emotional connection that comes with sharing stories. In a fierce business climate, brand stories are proving to become effective tools in convincing consumers. Those who know how to leverage the power of brand storytelling clearly have a competitive advantage.


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Every start-up has a story worth sharing, but the story must be infused with core values that tap into people’s emotions, support their values, make them responsive to your message and drive them to take action. It’s not about pushing features and benefits anymore, it’s about pulling them closer by reaffirming their own beliefs through the brand story you share.


Before you jump into creating your own brand narrative, first you need to identify the values you’d like to associate with your brand. Nadia Goodman, author of How To Tell Your Company’s Story, shares three tips to communicate your core value and humanize your brand.


1. Expand your idea of value. To stand out in today’s market, define your value in human terms, not in business terms. Your real value is about what you believe in, what you’re trying to do in the world, and how you make others’ lives better.

2. Establish common language. Your company’s core value is a bit like your vision – everyone at your company needs to be on the same page. Ask a handful of people in various ranks and roles to share five adjectives they’d use to describe the company and two aspects of the business that are unique or valuable. Look for themes or especially strong responses, and synthesize them into a clearly defined description.

3. Give your brand a human voice. Once you know why you matter and how to describe your value, choose the type of person that could best deliver that message. Is it feminine or masculine? Mainstream or quirky? Opinionated or open-minded? If your business was a human being, who would it be and what would it care about? That clarity leads to a real persona that customers can relate with and ultimately builds a loyal customer base.


At 365Outsource.com, we help companies, from start-ups to enterprise level organizations, create and tactically disseminate effective brand stories online. Using the latest content marketing strategies, we fuel conversations in various social networks, sustain consumer interest by generating consistent content, and help brands improve consumer perception, preference, and brand loyalty over time.

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