Got Programming Needs? Outsource to the Philippines

Outsourcing needs no further introduction. The question most foreign companies ask these days is where exactly it is best to outsource.


According to the New York Times, the Philippines is the top global outsourcing provider in the World. Apple, Google, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase and many western companies choose to outsource their IT projects to the Philippines, along with other services, due to a growing number of factors. Hiring Filipino programmers are proving to be a smart business decision among foreign companies.


World-Class Expertise


OutsourcingThe Philippines has consistently ranked number 1 worldwide in terms of availability of knowledge based workers, according to US-based META Group. Next to China and India, Philippines is the 3rd largest supplier of IT manpower in Asia. Of the 350,000 college graduates that the Philippines produce annually, 70,000 of which are IT/Computer Science graduates with a wide range of skill sets including software development, programming, mobile platform expertise, mainframe skills and database platform efficiency among others. Demand for Filipino IT professionals is increasing and their expertise is sought after worldwide.


High Technical Competence


They are just as well-versed in various programming languages and platforms as their western counterparts. They are experts in mobile application development, ecommerce platforms, and multiple programming languages including PHP, ASP, MYSQL, JavaScript, and AJAX. In addition, they effectively operate content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal among others.


Affordable, High Quality Work Output


Hiring Filipino programmers increases your operational efficiency. Wages in the Philippines are less than a fifth of their western counterparts, and companies who outsource their programming needs to the Philippines enjoy around 30 to 50% savings.


High Quality WorkProgramming requires advanced skills and it helps you save a great deal of time and effort to hire the services of someone, for a minimal fee, who has the technical experience to see through an IT project to its completion. Language barrier is not a problem as Filipinos are the best English speakers across Asia. This automatically eliminates the difficulty of communicating your project requirements.


Stronger Infrastructure


The government fully supports the business process outsourcing industry (BPO) in the country. In fact, it recently announced last month that a total of 63 new IT parks are being developed nationwide. 41 of these are in the provinces and 22 are in the National Capital Region. This provides the additional infrastructure and connectivity required to support the explosive growth of BPO industries in the coming years. The country also enjoys excellent telecommunication capabilities, superior fiber optic technologies, and uninterruptible power supply. has a robust line of outsourcing services. We deliver cutting-edge IT solutions to thousands of business owners worldwide while helping them save on controllable expenses. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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