10 Questions You Should Ask before Hiring an SEO Reseller

hiring an SEO ResellerSearch engine optimization is among the fastest rising internet marketing channel because of its quick return on investment that can be seen in a small amount of time. Because of this, many businesses are hiring SEO resellers to improve their sales and increase brand awareness which is logical since people have been turning to the internet to shop or search for places, businesses, and whatnot.

Because of the need, the SEO industry boomed. All SEO companies have different methods, processes, and strategies to improve a website’s search engine ranking page so it is important to find companies that can help your business go up the rankings. Search engine optimization will work to your advantage if you find an experienced company. Before you hire one, make sure to ask them these 10 questions as a guide to get the results and goals you want.

1. Has your company been providing SEO services for more than a year? (Hopefully yes.)
2. How many clients does your company work with? (Preferably more than 40 but less than a 1000.)
3. What are the examples of your link building strategies or methods? (Ask for more if they only give a couple.)
4. What methods of reporting will you show me? (Rankings and analytics are important.)
5. How frequent will I receive status updates about the campaign? (At least twice every 2 weeks.)
6. With regard to link building, will you buy links from other websites? (Look for a company that says no.)
7. What examples of benchmarks or goals would you set up for the SEO campaign? (If they don’t mention about a keyword performance indicators, then this should be a red flag.)
8. Please give me example keywords fit for my budget? (Check if these keywords will drive traffic and ask for traffic numbers.)
9. Can you show me case studies to view? (If they do not have any, then don’t continue any further.)
10. Can I speak with my SEO manager before starting the campaign? (You should be able to speak with one and if they won’t allow you, then treat this as a warning sign.)

There may only be a handful of legitimate and reliable SEO resellers that can deliver a great SEO experience, like 365Outsource.com. Apart from asking the 10 questions, it would be helpful to ask whether they are offering web design, social media marketing, Google Places, and other services to have access to a wide range of services you can choose from. Learn more about 365Outsource.com and their services to find the right service for you.

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