4 Tips to Live By With Seasonal, Local SEO

Local SEO is always in season. Businesses with efforts directed to local SEO and campaigns should not only think of ranking locally but also seasonally. In gathering all possible opportunities for a successful campaign, you should think of the seasonality of your business and how it affects the way your local customers use search.

Here are 4 tips to consider for local and seasonally focused SEO campaigns.

1. Plan in advance – If you are planning to rank for a seasonal keyword like “Summer season sale” in your location, it will be a good idea to rank it before the summer season starts. You can write great pieces of content, get links, and be indexed beforehand so by the time people start typing your seasonal keyword, you’re already on top. Continue to update your website that targets variations of your keyword for a larger scope of visitors.

2. Understand the time frame of events – People usually plan for a Thanksgiving party a month before the event. If you own a restaurant offering Thanksgiving dishes, you should start ranking yourself for the keywords “Thanksgiving celebration menu” before Thanksgiving comes.

3. Know the SERPs for your keywords – Having an understanding of different SERP inventories accessible for your target keywords is a good idea. Know whether Google or other major search engines are showing a lot of images for a certain keyword. If so, then make sure to label your images appropriately. For event-based keywords with news showing up on the results, try writing an article for your local newspaper.

4. Make an editorial calendar – You should know the hot seasons of your business. Map out the seasons with the certain hot items and keywords people usually use to find your business or products in an editorial calendar. This should help you discover areas of SEO campaigns you should concentrate on for the next year.

If you are working with a company offering SEO services, then ensure they are aware of these tips. 365Outsource.com is an SEO outsourcing company providing SEM and SEO services with local and seasonal factors in mind. Browse our website today.

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