7 Suggestions Twitter Could Conquer the Local Scene

Conquering the local scene in business marketing is one of the biggest opportunities on the net and there aren’t a lot of social media tools that can fully triumph over this task than Twitter. Here are 7 ways how Twitter can actually win the local scene and help bridge the gap in connecting people to places they really care about.

1. Using Twitter Places – Last 2010, Twitter launched place pages for local business that somehow got lost when Twitter had a redesign. Twitter can serve local businesses better by distinguishing business from personal accounts. If done correctly, Twitter could be the go-to source of info such as events, promos, and other happenings about a business.

2. Where to Follow – Twitter should develop a “Where to Follow” suggesting places pages to users. This may also generate probable ad inventory for a “Promoted Places” product, the local equivalent of “Promoted Accounts” currently being sold now.

3. Places Trends – Many location based services are broadcasting information through Twitter and by aggregating the broadcasted information, Twitter can organize what is happening in a given venue or neighborhood and show trending places.

Twitter on phone

4. Geo-targeted Tweets – This should help big businesses with multiple stores manage store-specific promotions. If paying advertisers get geo-targeted tweets from followers in a certain area, they can send out weekly specials or promos to a specific region without fear of alienation of users in the different store areas.

5. Local Alerts – Twitter can help people find a lot of current information if they know how to search correctly; however, if Twitter could offer “Google Alerts” people can be instantly notified about things that concern them in their local areas.

6. Loyalty Awards – Twitter can be used to easily reward their loyal customers of new followers by tweeting them a thank you message with a free voucher.

7. Promoted RTs for Local Trade – Twitter can be used to provide a space for local deals by making ads truly social and offer a group buying experience.

Although Twitter wasn’t established for the promotion of local commerce, it could be a very useful tool to maximize any online marketing campaign. If you are hoping to outsource marketing services, then find a company, like 365Outsource.com, that offers social media marketing, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 365Outsource.com offers a variety of SEO and SEM services. Visit their website at www.365outsource.com to learn more about Google Places SEO and their other services.

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