Adoption of Social Sharing Plugins and Links Drives Heavy Traffic on Websites

Recently, a report from an enterprise SEO platform, BrightEdge, was released to the public about the adoption of social sharing plugins and links to websites. The study was done on the top 10,000 websites with findings showing that almost half of the included websites had a Facebook profile link on their homepage while 40% had their Twitter pages on the homepage. This is an interesting find for SEO outsourcing companies.

Homepage Links to Social Networking Sites

In the report, it shows that Facebook, with 47.4%, is the leading social site linked on most of the homepage of websites. Twitter is second with 41.8%. YouTube is third with 16.77%, while LinkedIn is the fourth networking site included in the list.

Social Plugins or Like Buttons on Website Homepage

social media marketingWhile the use of basic links on homepages leading to social networking websites is high, the use of social plugins or like button is lagging behind. According to the report, the Facebook Like Button is the most popular social plugin being used followed by the Facebook Like box. Unexpectedly, the statistics showed that Google’s +1 is more commonly used than the “share button” of Twitter.

The integration of Google +1 on websites has a rate of 4.5%, which is higher than the combined integration rate of “Twitter share” and “Twitter install follow” buttons at 2.1% and 1.3%, respectively.

The report shows that Facebook is still leading as its social plugins and links are most widely used among the other social networking sites. Despite that, Google’s +1 is gaining.

The use of these various social media sites acts as bridges to get to possible customers. It can help you interact with your target clients easily and, at the same time, establish yourself as a brand. Through social media websites, you get searched quickly as various like buttons can add as a factor for better results.

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