Areas of Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing has become a part of the economic backbone of a number of countries in recent years, with the United States as the primary client for such services. Despite the economic situation, the industry is alive and healthy, with more locations and employees each year. As the numbers expand, however, the nature of the business remains the same. There are core services that those who outsource call center solutions require, and these are the main focus of providers.

call center outsourcing


Sales are still one of the foremost specializations for call center outsourcing. This can come in either the inbound or outbound variety. Outbound sales happen in situations wherein the outsourcing company is given numbers that its agents can call, contacting potential customers for a company. This is better known in some countries as telemarketing. For inbound sales, agents process the calls of customers placing orders over the phone.

Technical support

Originally, outsourcing trends favored this aspect of the business to go to more tech-savvy India, but the focus has recently shifted to other countries. Virtually any product more advanced than a kitchen appliance can have its own dedicated technical support line. The services include helping customers fix problems with their equipment or machines or requesting replacements if the warranty agreement covers that.

Customer service

Out of all the outsourcing benefits available, some would say that the ability to place the burden of customer service on another company is the most comforting. Customer service has consistently been seen as the most taxing and stressful aspect of call center outsourcing. This department is expected to handle all kinds of queries, problems, and concerns, and the average customer expects companies to be adept at virtually any sort of complaint.

Outsourcing trends show that call center services are still going to rise. Countries are starting to expand the clients they go after, pursuing major markets aside from the United States. The industry for these kinds of outsourcing solutions is healthy, and it is thriving.

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