Avoid Getting Stuck In An Outsourcing Rut

Outsourcing is still a huge part of any company’s strategy especially if they are aiming for cost management. Outsourcing is a proven strategy that is effective in bringing in high-quality work and lowering risks, especially in terms of productivity. If a company outsources, they have to rely on another company to do a process for them and if the outsourcing company fails to do so, the client stands to lose a lot of money, time and even customers. The risks of outsourcing can be avoided, though. These outsourcing ruts can be managed if the business owner draws out an effective strategy and a killer outsourcing contract.


When outsourcing to the Philippines, companies know that they are entrusting their business to one of the pioneers of the outsourcing industry in Asia. However, companies still need to make sure that they have an outsourcing contract that works and one that clearly outlines the responsibility of the outsourcer and client. It should be a living document that can change depending on the current needs of the client and can live throughout the succeeding phases of the outsourcing project. It should have clauses that cover all aspects of the outsourcing partnership, from engagement, transition and renewal of contract to exit. Companies who want to outsource need to have a backup strategy if they feel that they are not doing well with a particular an outsourcing partner.


There should be a control procedure for whenever a client wants to make changes in the contract and in the team’s workload or job description. For example, seo outsourcing may simply be for content writing, but clients must be given an option to include link building or social media integration into their contract when they feel that they need these services later on. For the SEO outsourcing company, they should have a clause that covers mandatory technology refreshes to make sure that they are using the best and the most effective software for the job. To accomplish this, some outsourcing companies may ask the client for additional funds to cover for the necessary upgrades.


When outsourcing to the Philippines, it is important that clients have clear metrics and service level agreements. This is not for clients to pressure the outsourcer for performance, but to make sure that they will get what they were expecting from the contract. It is also going to serve as a good benchmark for analyzing whether or not outsourcing is really a good idea for the company.


Outsourcing is an important part of businesses today. It really is cost-effective and offers good value to all entrepreneurs who want to do business all over the world. With proper consultation and planning, it can be the best decision a business owner can make on his business strategy.

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