Benefits Of The Recent Privacy Update


In the recent blog, we’ve written how Google recently updated how users can be protected by means of search privacy. The change had a big impact on SEO Outsourcing companies, and probably all businesses that use online marketing as their means to gain visibility to their audience.


What Are The Benefits?

In every change, there should be a benefit. Is the SEO industry going to benefit from this update? Let’s see. There’s a slight chance that we can benefit from this, but as of today, where on the grey scale on this. See, the update that Google made was about keeping information about the users private. However, this isn’t kept from advertisers. So, if you buy an ad, information like further pages, what product or service did your users purchase, the particular term they used for a certain query will be available to you.


Point Out

The point is, Google, the leading provider of retargeted ads is on the rise in terms of competition. When the referrers are out, Google’s competitors will find it harder for them to offer retargeting services.

We, as Google’s own advertisers can also benefit from this change. With this update, Google prevents anyone from doing keyword-level conversion tracking. From the previous search referrers, it’ll be easy for everyone to know what a particular person searched for including the pages that they visited and the product or service they’ve purchased.


Always For Privacy

Although we want our business to be visible online, we need to respect each other’s privacy as well. Google’s recent update left people with raised eyebrows, but if Google thinks that this update needs to be done for privacy reasons, then it’s good. is the leading company that provides adequate online marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We offer services such as SEO, PPC Management, social media marketing and a lot more. If you need to outsource some services, Browse our website today!

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