Common SEO Mistakes: How To Solve It

As a leading SEO outsourcing company, we’ve solved many unique SEO problems. A common problem our SEO specialists notice from time to time is a drop on an indexed site. If your site is hitting rock-bottom with its index, here are some ways to resolve it.



Step 1: Problem Identification.

Figure out what happened first. Was there an unexpected drop in rankings, an increase in traffic or do previously indexed pages (by Google crawler) disappear at the index?


Step 2: Rule out possible causes

In everything that has gone wrong, you have to look at the basic cause first. Make sure all basic causes are ruled out, before you continue further investigation on deep causes.


Step 3: Gather information

Sometimes we neglect some of the data that we have. Every time an issue is raised, don’t forget to check on your data. Often the answer is staring you at the face.

For example, check if there’s a shift on traffic from this month and the previous month. Compare on different search engines. Is it happening on one particular engine? Compare the keywords to see if anything changed there.


Step 4: Use All Tools

Make sure you check Google webmaster tools to see if Google was reporting any type of errors. If you can’t find any, then you can look deeply and check your site’s pages yourself.


Step 5: Ask Your Colleagues for Opinions

Sometimes you won’t see the mistake. Ask for another person – other people’s perspectives are valuable. Maybe they know something you don’t. Research online.


Step 6: Contact Search Engine

If you still can’t figure out what’s going on with your sites, it is best to reach out to search engines. Most of the time, they respond, and their answer is helpful most of the time.


Still can’t solve the problem? Seek help from outsourcing companies. Most companies outsource so they don’t have to deal with the problem. is a leading SEO outsourcing company that will help you with all your online marketing needs. Seek our expert advice today.

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