Drop in Big Outsourcing Contracts Seen in Southern Asia

The outsourcing industry in the Asia Pacific region has seen a drop in million-dollar contracts, according to the TPI Index. The region now has a total of $2.3 billion in total contract value, which is way lower than what the industry got last year. During the past two years, the industry got a total of $8.6 billion worth of contracts, which is part of the reason why the yearly average for the same 6-month period is over $3 billion.

In spite of this development, Asian and Philippines outsourcing continues to make money, although it probably isn’t going to be as much. More than 80 percent of the contracts in 2010 were below $100 million, and that percentage continues to climb.

The BPO industry leads the way in the outsourcing industry, as most contracts were made in this sector. The 18 BPO deals reached so far this year is close to the total number for 2009. Philippines outsourcing is part of this trend, as there are multiple BPO and IT outsourcing companies in the country today.

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