Panda Update 2.2: Are You Ready For It?

Google PandaThe Search Marketing Expo-SMX Advanced conference in Seattle gathered all the industry leaders to learn and share cutting edge strategies on driving traffic and conversion rates with paid search advertising, SEO, social media marketing, and more. The biggest buzz was revealing insights from Google’s Matt Cutts who confirms the Google Panda Update 2.2 is approved and will be released soon. He explains further that the Panda 2.2 resolves the issue with sites that scrape and re-publish content which out-ranks the original source. All sites indexed by Google will run through the Panda with no manual exceptions meaning nothing is in the “safe list” or “black listed”. Instead, Google runs its algorithm and determines which web sites should be hit and penalties are made if they scan hidden text on the pages. Also, changing things on the site to avoid being hit by the Panda won’t reflect immediately with Google, instead it will benefit on the next Panda roll-out.

The relevancy of the URLs go through a model basing in content and social signals while the Panda release helps maintain and restore the quality, authority, trust, credibility, and user signals of the web pages. SEO strategy revolves as changes occur, however these basic practices can help the pages:

1. Determine the URLs that are most valuable: Index and optimize well
2. Delete low value and unnecessary URLs
3. Build internal links in high-value URLs
4. Build high-quality external links using social media marketing
5. Always push for true value, quality content

For some, the algorithm change is bad news; however this is an opportunity for those who have solid SEO and social media marketing on their business website.

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