Google Places: Automatic Updates From Users

Today, many businesses have been using Google Places for users to easily locate them. Most of them outsource SEO services to be able to gain visibility online. In the same vein, they also outsource Google Places services to make sure that they get listed and users will easily find them.


Recently, Google allows listing updates by user reports on the address, hours, and operating name of businesses. Business owners will still be notified and will still have the option to verify if they want the change to happen or not.


Automatic Updates

In Google’s official announcement, the leading search engine is introducing a new process for updates to incorrect listings. Google stated that the organic listing will automatically be updated and the business owner will be sent an email notification about the change. Data such as the business hours, name of location or address that are submitted by users would be automatically changed.


With regard to this change, Google is also working with their partners on receiving the most recent information about businesses and is also working out on their web-crawlers to look for current data of existing businesses. If Google gets up-to-date information from a trusted source, then they’ll be doing the update.


How will business owners know if their listings have been updated?

For sure, business owners will receive an email about the change. In the message that business owners would receive, it’ll be stated that there’s an update on your listing, and Google also has an assurance that the data listed is accurate.


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