Google+ Gives Business “Pages”

Google Plus for business pagesGood news for business and marketing companies, Google+ SMB-centric business profiles are coming soon.


Since the launch of the Google Plus’s field trial, people have been speculating whether Google+ will have “Pages” for brands, businesses, or for non-human entities. It’s similar to Facebook’s Fan Pages and according to Google’s top men, the product is on its way.


In a comment on Mike Blumenthal’s blog, the speculations were confirmed when Google’s head of Commerce & Local Jeff Huber said that there will be business profile pages in Google+; there is no launch date yet, however they are working as fast as they can with the coding.


Right now, Google is discouraging people to create Google+ accounts for business but some businesses and non-human entities were already able to make one. Despite that, once the pages/profiles for business finally arrive, businesses should be able to create profile pages akin to Facebook Pages, with added Google SEO benefits.


1. Businesses with Google+ SMB-centric pages will be indexed.
2. They can be “followable”.
3. Individual posts and updates can be +1’d, which may be fed back into Google’s rankings and search results.
4. Apart from those, as Google+ continues to gain more users, the incentives for companies are almost evident.


A current challenge is how Google can combine or cross-reference information made by business on Google Places to Google+ business pages. Hopefully, Google will find a solution for businesses to cope with the change and if not, this is certainly a problem for as they would have too many entry points for their business.


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