Google+ Lets You Add People with a Tweetable Link

Although Google+ is still in its field trial stage, it’s giving its users an easier way to invite more people to the network. Now, you don’t have to painstakingly add people’s email one by one and paste them on the Google Plus invite form.


How does Google+ make adding people easier?

Google provides you with a short link you can post anywhere on the web or share with others via instant messaging. According to Shimrit Ben-Yair, Google’s product manager, you can get the short link by clicking the “invite friends” button on the right-hand side of the Google+ site. This new feature will allow you to add up to 150 people into the network.


Once you tweet the link out, you give your followers a chance to be invited on Google+. This makes inviting people easier. The only problem with this is you have to shorten the link or else, it’ll get messy. Google will be providing an automatically shortened link soon to avoid problematic errors in the URL. In addition to the new Google+ tweetable link, there will be a sign-up meter of how many invites you have left.


So why would you want to add more friends if your purpose on G+ is for business and not personal? Well, it has something to do with social media marketing.


Once the business profile accounts for Google Plus is out, you have the chance to directly connect with your customers as long as they are logged in. Let’s say you own Ford and one of your G+ friends is looking for cars over the internet, as long as they are logged in, your website might appear on the first page with the enhancement that tells them they are friends with you.


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