Google Shows Improvement: Now Better at Sourcing Original

We’ve mentioned in our previous blog entry the link building opportunities available for SEO outsourcing companies. At that time, search by image was not that refined. Today, more people have been noticing the improvement and it has been confirmed: Google’s results using images is now better in sourcing the original image.

Here’s the latest update from Google:

We’ve recently launched an update to the algorithm that looks at the relevance and quality of both the webpage and the image to surface more relevant results in Google Images. Improving the quality of results in Google Images is very important to us, and we’re always working hard to improve our algorithms.”

One SEO specialist stated that:

I’m doing the happy jig at the moment, my competitor just had the snot beaten out of his/her image rankings. For years they would have a set of top images in search for every query but the images were hot linked from their sources (primarily classifieds sites, galleries etc) and not really hosted by the competitor.

While doing a routine check of my image rankings for particular keywords I noticed that the top 4-5 images for one search had remained the same but the source had changed. These used to be my competitors rankings, but not anymore, now the source was ranked.

A lot of people have also shared their experience with the improvement affecting their websites in a positive light. If Google is able to successfully retrieve the source of the images, it is tantamount to obtain the original content, too.

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