Guide on Outsourcing Your Content to the Philippines

female content writerIn today’s blog, I want to talk about outsourcing content to the Philippines. The Filipino literacy rate is at approximately 80%, and they are very fluent in English. This makes the Philippines a popular offshore content outsourcing provider. I want to make the process of outsourcing content easier by giving you this guide. Use this as your checklist when you outsource our content development services.



Establish Your Goal


Let us know what you hope to achieve in your content. Do you want to start a discussion, attract new customers, improve your rankings, or boost brand awareness? This will let us know what voice our team should use when writing your content. Knowing your goals also helps us give you a clearer timetable for delivering your requirements.

Create Standards


After establishing your goal, set your standards for measuring whether or not your goals have been met. Specify the voice and Quality contentthe style of writing you want. List down the rules for creating titles, linking, and using keywords or phrases. Our team of writers and editors will integrate these rules with our own high standards to produce content that leads to conversions.


Evaluate the Writing Sample


We will submit our first writing sample for your evaluation and approval. Use the standards and goals you set earlier as a yardstick for measuring how well we met your requirements. Once we receive your feedback, we will add this to our style guide, making sure there is consistency with the content our writers create.


Our writers are trained at writing for a specific audience using different voices to make it sound like a native English speaker wrote our content. We have a system of researching and verifying information no matter what industry you are in. Contact us to discuss your content requirements and to get started today.

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