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Outsourcing has become one of the foremost business practices of the world’s largest companies. When manufacturing companies decided to outsource their production to areas closer to the raw materials, it was unlikely they expected many industries to follow suit. However, one of the largest industries to move operations from the main branch to smaller offshore branches has been the IT industry.

At the beginning

India was at the forefront of IT outsourcing services for many years. Originally, some in the industry thought it would be more cost-effective to outsource programming and data encoding tasks to tech-savvy areas of the country. Software development costs were cut in half due to the larger labor pool to choose from and the lower costs of hiring talented workers.

SEO outsourcing and others

Services have expanded from that point. A number of service providers now deal with other aspects of the IT industry. SEO outsourcing has become one of the major players, though it has yet to outstrip software development and testing as the main driver behind the industry’s offshoring trends. Experts have also identified animation web design outsourcing and PHP outsourcing as possible areas for growth in the industry.

Animation, in particular, has become one of the largest areas for IT outsourcing services to expand. This is partly because of the very large demand for the skills. The video game industry, animation studios, and special effects companies all require skilled computer animation specialists. While most of these companies retain a sizable in-house staff, some of them outsource the workload to other countries. Japan, for example, frequently uses outsourcing solutions provided by China or Korea.

The other half of the animation expansion scenario is the smaller talent pool. In comparison to web designers and programmers, there are far less animators available for companies to tap to become part of their workforce. The smaller pool for this branch of IT outsourcing services also makes them more costly than other IT professionals. However, as the demand increases, there are certainly companies that are willing to fill the gap.

Recent developments

Recently, the focus has shifted from speed and cost-effectiveness to one of quality. Companies tend to focus more on the talent available when they outsource, and attempt to get the best whenever possible. Since IT outsourcing in India, the Philippines, and China is still a cheaper measure than using home-grown professionals for the job, the companies still manage to save on costs. IT outsourcing services represent a booming trend in the offshore outsourcing industry, and they have proven to be an advantage for companies struggling to survive in today’s economy.

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