IT Staff Rental

In some instances, it is more beneficial for a company to rent office space for short-term projects, rather than leasing out for the long run. The same concept applies to IT outsourcing – a project or task may only be temporary in nature, but that doesn’t always mean that the company has the manpower to assign to the task. In such cases, one of the more intriguing options is to rent the IT staff required.

The concept

IT Staff RentalIn the IT industry, there are projects that don’t take up a lot of time. The expense of hiring out staff in such situations, even for such a short period, is too great. Thus, it is far less expensive to find an IT outsourcing firm and negotiate arrangements to “rent” part of their staff for a short period. This is always for projects that aren’t supposed to take long, such as programming or web design. Anything that would involve a long-term commitment, such as search engine optimization, falls outside the normal limitations of this kind of contract.


One of the biggest advantages to this is that the staff is provided by someone else. For example, it is possible for a company to engage in staff rental by outsourcing to the Philippines. The company does not have to pay for the benefits that normal company employees enjoy, and avoiding those costs is very good for a financially unstable business. It also means that the client business does not need to provide the infrastructure and equipment, as the outsourcing provider likely already has that. All that is needed is to establish a secure line of communication and payment, depending on the terms of the agreement.


Like any other form of IT outsourcing, renting staff does have its flaws. The first and foremost of them is the lack of control. The client has much less control over the process than there would be if the staff was in-house. A second major concern would be communication issues, particularly if the staff is based overseas. Modern technology compensates for much of it, though.

It is an unusual choice, but temporary IT outsourcing is a valid option for companies that need them only for a short period. This actually grants a fair degree of flexibility, as there is always the possibility of the client business deciding on a more long-term contract if there is a need for it. In any case, the Philippines outsourcing industry offers solutions for these situations.

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