It’s Finally Here –’s SEO Reporting Dashboard

We’re launching our latest solution for all our business partners, our very own SEO reporting dashboard. Our new platform makes customer service and information on your site’s performance available at your convenience.

The Dashboard Interface


We designed our dashboard in a way that lets you find the information you need easily. Your websites’ rankings and campaign status are the first things you will see once you log in. You will find the information you need on top of the page, grouped in tabs. The right panel links to our products. Clicking on one of our products leads you to a page where you can launch new campaigns.
Each listing links to a page where you can see the summary of your site’s performance. You will see live updates on your rankings and website traffic. You now have access to this information by visiting our website and logging into your dashboard.


Live Rank Tracking

Our live rank tracking feature lets you know how your campaign is going. Once you log into your dashboard, you will find your live ranking statistics and other information from Google Analytics (if we have access). Our platform tracks your site performance in real time and gives you updates at your convenience. Save time on report requests and delivery and get the data you need on demand.

Clicking on a keyword takes you to a more detailed keyword tracking page. You will see a graph noting your rankings over the past month. The example above shows you the ranking history for the term “Cosmetic Dentist San Diego.”

Traffic Monitoring

We’ve also made Google Analytics integration possible so you can view traffic statistics next to your rankings. Speak with your account manager for assistance on implementing this feature.

The line graph compares your present site traffic with the activity from the previous month. You can track high and low traffic and easily associate this with SEO and marketing methods you used for that specific day. The charts below show where your traffic originates, and how you generate traffic on your site. This helps you create a more targeted marketing plan.


One-Click Report and Proposal Requests

Our reporting dashboard lets you save time on requesting reports and proposals. You can now request for keyword research and proposals with just one click. We will receive your request directly and make the document available in PDF form through our dashboard. Our monthly executive reports are also automatically in the system upon dashboard implementation. This contains information on your current ranking status, average traffic, and our proposed plan of action for the following month. Through our platform, we make customer service and real time rankings happen on your time.
This tool is free if you are already our partner. Contact your account manager today to claim your dashboard. Happy rankings!

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