Outsourcing and Employee Security: Yes, They Can Be Used in the Same Sentence

Often, a when an SEO company decides to outsource to the Philippines, in-house employees start to stress themselves out. Will they still have their job? Will there be layoffs? How many will get laid off? Employees fear that their jobs are endangered. One thing that employees don’t consider, though, is that outsourcing can provide them with opportunities to move up the ladder. SEO outsourcing can allow them to hone their skills and get a better workload.

employees securityIn a poll conducted in Europe, 200 SEO employees were asked what they felt when their company announced their plans to do SEO outsourcing and if they felt more satisfied with their new roles. The majority of the group (84%) said that they felt nervous because they thought that with their positions outsourced, they would be of little use to the company. However, 70% said that they are happier with the new positions they were given once the transition was over. This was also the case for employees of IT companies. They found that as soon as their company did IT outsourcing, they were given a more satisfying position. They felt more valued as employees and had very few problems with workload after their companies started to outsource.

This shows that there is a lot of confusion regarding SEO outsourcing. In fact, the employees who do well in their companies get better positions and are able to work on more specialized tasks since the basic tasks are now done by the offshore team. It is important that the company communicates properly with their employees. Make sure that they understand that their compensation packages, benefits and other privileges will remain. Encourage your employees to ask questions so you are able to explain why it is necessary for your company to outsource to the Philippines. Transition is crucial and important for your business. Most of the transition will be about perception so the best thing that your company can do is to calm your employees? fears that they are being devalued.

If you do the transition right, IT outsourcing will not be as threatening to your employees as it may seem. In the same survey, 91% agreed that in the end, most of their fears were unfounded. However, they all agreed that in that lull between the announcement to outsource and the beginning of the transition period, a lot of productivity was lost because employees were worried about job security. Communication is the key to a successful integration of SEO outsourcing into your business model.

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