Outsourcing to the Philippines: The Facts

Offshore outsourcing is becoming a popular way for companies to expand their services without having to spend as much. It is also a great way to globalize their business. A good offshore destination is a place where a company can transfer its processes with minimal issues and problems. Outsourcing to the Philippines is worth it because of its thriving outsourcing industry. Philippine outsourcing companies are becoming more and more proactive in the way they handle clients. Because of their experience with offshore outsourcing, they can anticipate the needs of their clients, making for better and easier relationships.


While IT outsourcing has been in existence for quite some time, SEO outsourcing is a relatively new thing in offshore outsourcing. This is surprising, considering that it is less expensive to outsource SEO services than entire contact centers. Now that investors have seen the potential of SEO as an offshore service, the sector has grown a lot. Outsourcing companies in the Philippines are only too eager to look for SEO specialists and connect them to companies looking to increase their online presence. There are still a number of companies, usually large ones, who still perform their own in-house SEO operations, but almost all small to medium sized companies are now outsourcing. The Philippines is doing extremely well in this area and is quickly becoming the go-to country for SEO and SEM services.

One of the biggest reasons why outsourcing to Philippines has become such a great hit is that Filipinos are not only good English speakers, but they also write in English very well. Quality writing is essential in SEO and the Philippines offers the kind of workforce that companies need to maximize their SEO campaign.

Benefits of SEO outsourcing to Philippines

The Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in Asia. This means that you get SEO experts who can communicate properly with you. There are a lot of college-educated professionals looking for work. In fact, SEO outsourcing is a big chunk of the outsourcing industry in the Philippines. An increasing number of companies now look to the Philippines for SEO services.

In comparison to other countries, labor is relatively cheaper in the Philippines. There are also various incentives given by the government to attract more investors and business owners to the country. The Philippines is not restrictive when it comes to foreign investors wanting to start a business.

Outsourcing to the Philippines is a good business decision. You eliminate the communication problem and can right away work on the things that truly matter—building and empowering your business.

The necessity for quality SEO has been the jumping board for offshore outsourcing in the Philippines, but it has been the consistency in the quality of work done and the ease by which clients can communicate with outsourcing companies which made SEO outsourcing a huge industry. It is expected that companies who outsource SEO to the Philippines will increase in the next decade.

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