As part of the SEO outsourcing industry, we need to be updated on which trends are useful to let Google and users know us. More than that, we also need to know how Google is working on updating their search algorithm.

Panda: A Brief Explanation

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term Panda, this is a series of updates made for Google’s search algorithm. Algorithms are designed to distinguish high quality sites from the ones with low quality which aims to provide users the most relevant and useful content for their search query.

How Panda Affects Affiliate Sites

See, if an affiliate doesn’t add value or quality to their website beyond what the supplier provides, they will get a negative effect towards their page’s rankings based through Panda’s criteria.

How To Know If A Drop in Rankings is A Result of Panda

If your drop in traffic conversions from Google is at the time of the Panda rollout, there’s a high possibility that it’s Panda. You can check this by looking at your analytics, and investigate which pages and keywords are most affected.

Panda Criteria

Thin Content

Thin content is a term given to sites that aren’t able to produce valuable online content.

High Bounce Rates & Number of Page Views

If a user visits a site, then returns to the search results, it signals Google that the landing page of the site isn’t relevant to the user’s query. It is very important that you create pages that will engage the user and to keep the user explore your site more. Check your analytics and see which pages have the highest bounce rate and focus on making them more relevant among users.

To make sure that your site is following Google’s guidelines, make sure you outsource SEO from the leading SEO company.

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