Philippines Outsourcing Among Top Destinations

Philippines outsourcing has emerged as one of the top destinations worldwide, according to the Insurance & Technology Magazine. The country is increasingly targeted for its high English literacy rate, making it second only to India in the global BPO market.

Many outsourcing companies turn to the Philippines for call center solutions. These aren’t the only outsourced operations in the country, though. SEO and content writing are all becoming a part of the Philippines outsourcing landscape. Firms offering these services are taking advantage of the English proficiency of the country’s labor pool and its growing IT infrastructure, especially in places like Makati, where the majority of BPO operations are located.

Although some companies are establishing outsource operations in other regions like China, Latin America, and Europe, Philippines outsourcing is still at the top of its game. With the continued development of its infrastructure and the talented labor pool, the country is headed for even more gains in the business process outsourcing market.

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