Philippines Outsourcing: The Bright Spot in Philippine Employment

The Philippines outsourcing industry is one of the brightest spots in local employment today. About half a million Filipinos are employed in one of the many outsourcing companies in the Makati central business district and other parts of Metro Manila.

There’s a reason for this high number of employees: it’s financially rewarding for them. Philippines outsourcing professionals earn about $400 to $500 each month, which is a lot more than what they could’ve earned in any other local entry-level job. This is less than what employees get in the United States, where the median salary in 2005 was $2,821. That’s why these firms come here to set up shop. It’s just more cost-effective than other options.

The Business Processing Association of the Philippines has another piece of good news for the Philippines outsourcing industry. Its earnings are growing each year, which means that employment for professionals in the industry could go on for a very long time. It’s great for both the national economy and outsourcing companies around the world.

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