Quality Assurance for Offshore Outsourcing

When it comes to any given task, there must always be something or someone in place to ensure quality. There are standards to be met, even within SEO outsourcing, that determine whether or not something is good enough to be considered a product of the company it came from. While the task of quality assurance is one that is a constant presence, there are actually only a few ways to do this. Depending on the specific field, it might be difficult to even have a frontline form of quality assurance, while other types of IT outsourcing allow for multiple ways to ensure that everything is up to an acceptable standard.

SEO and content

quality assuranceIt is no secret that it is difficult to assure the quality of SEO outsourcing. It’s hard to get any sort of QA done for it because of the vastness of the Internet. The easiest way to manage any assurance for SEO techniques is to check the results and the traffic reports on the client site. Content and web design are much simpler areas of IT outsourcing to handle, largely because they have forms that can be checked to meet certain standards prior to making it onto the Internet. This is relatively simple, with the only real need being the person that does the inspection. Oftentimes, so long as the offshore outsourcing provider has met all of the requirements and the end result is presentable, there are very few problems.

Contact centers

Among the many IT outsourcing services, it is perhaps the ones that involve phones and interpersonal communication that are the most difficult. This is because any given call can involve an interaction between the agent and the customer that may fall outside the scope of established guidelines. The unpredictable nature of such interactions means that, sooner or later, the QA guidelines will find a situation falling outside their coverage. That does not stop contact centers from having two layers of assurance. The first is internal, while the second is usually hired by the client and is provided by an outside firm.

IT services

Similar to SEO outsourcing, it can sometimes be difficult to check the quality of IT-related services. For programming, for example, there is the need for an experienced programmer to go over the code that has been produced, as well as the extensive bug testing that comes with these projects. For virtually any task, there is a present need for someone with some measure of experience to be spot-checking the output and making note of any mistakes that need to be addressed.

The reality is that, even in SEO outsourcing, there are still measures that need to be taken to ensure that quality is up to the standards. The way to ensure this can differ from service to service, but most of the time, it will involve someone going over the output personally.

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