Reporting and Its Uses for SEO Outsourcing

For any given company that decides to engage in SEO outsourcing, there will always be a clear need to keep updated on how the service provider is doing. The basic reason any enterprise decides to outsource any aspect of its operations is to cut costs without sacrificing too much in terms of productivity. Naturally, the client companies will want to have updates from their office in the Philippines. Outsourcing doesn’t do them much good if it isn’t productive, and getting regular status reports can go a long way towards instilling confidence.

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One of the main differences between SEO outsourcing and certain other outsourced tasks is that the results can be tracked, to an extent. The ultimate goal of SEO is to increase traffic to a given website, which in turn may or may not be converted into potential revenues for the site. There are various ways to measure a site’s popularity and the volume of traffic it gets and to see where that traffic is coming from. Google provides various tools for this and most of the top-end hosting services allow for very detailed traffic statistics.


Since the relevant statistics can be tracked, there are advantages for both the client and the IT outsourcing firm. The obvious advantage for the client is that they can keep track of the results just as well as their SEO outsourcing partners do. This means that they can verify any data given to them about the effectiveness of the SEO campaign that their outsourcing provider is using. It also has an advantage for the outsourcing company itself. The ease by which these things can be tracked means that they can adjust tactics when necessary to keep up with client demands.


Since this is SEO outsourcing, reporting numbers can be critical. Analysts know that a site’s page rank and position in search results can change very quickly, and that Google and other search engines occasionally make tweaks to their protocols that can disrupt an on-going SEO strategy. The easiest way to spot these problems is by looking at the numbers and trying to adapt to the changes. This can help in generating a faster, more prompt response to repair any damage done before it gets out of hand.

SEO outsourcing companies are engaged in a field that is fluid and flexible, such that what works now may not work later on. Reports and statistics can help figure things out in this regard, giving the client updated information on the way things are going and providing the IT outsourcing firm with data showing whether their strategies still work.

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