Busting the Myths: Some SEO Outsourcing Issues Addressed

SEO outsourcing problemsBecause of rising cost of local services, assigning non-core tasks of a business to offshore staffing companies abroad is becoming a trend these days. Numerous firms are now looking to outsource SEO to other countries.


However, site owners are sometimes reluctant to delegate search engine optimization to a company located halfway around the world because of a number of reasons. Some are minor issues, but some are major ones so it is important to address them right away. So why exactly are some clients hesitant to outsource SEO to companies located abroad?


1. One of the reasons why some site owners chose not to outsource this service is the language barrier between the client and the staff located in other countries. Most SEO outsourcing firms are located in countries such as India and the Philippines, but people who manage SEO firms would not even consider hiring people that do not have the necessary proficiency in the English language into their firm. They know that the bulk of their clients will come from English-speaking countries, so they make sure that they get people onboard that are fluent in English.


2. Potential clients also fear that the quality of work done by offshore staffing companies are not as good as the ones done in their own countries. This is not true at all because SEO outsourcing firms only hire the right people in that particular country who have the expertise to perform the necessary SEO tasks. These companies also make sure that their employees know the latest techniques in search engine optimization.


3. Some clients often worry about not having the results that they want immediately. One thing to remember about SEO is that it is a slow yet steady process that needs a reasonable amount of time to show results. The process and the result, depending on the needs of the website, will take some time. Remember that promises like “quick number 1 placement on SERPs” are probably scams. Getting to the top of SERPs quickly is possible as long as the website does not have any competitor.


Similar to other sectors and industries, SEO outsourcing is not without its challenges and demands. However, offshore staffing companies in countries like the Philippines have worked very hard to establish their reputation in the field of search engine optimization. If you need to outsource SEO, hiring these companies is your best bet to rank high in search engine results.

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