Standard and Custom Link Building Practices for SEO

SEO link building is part and parcel of any successful attempt at marketing over the Internet. It isn’t enough to have the best website; a company has to make sure people actually see it. This means that measures have to be taken to increase the traffic going to a site, and numerous companies outsource to the Philippines to tap into the growing SEO industry there. Some very skilled SEO firms in the country can be trusted with promoting traffic to a client site.

Why link building?

One of the things that people ask about SEO link building often tends to be “Why bother?” It’s a service designed for the specific purpose of increasing traffic to a given website. This is accomplished by increasing the presence and prominence of links to the website along the Internet. There are many ways to do this, such as dedicated link building and tapping user-generated content. These methods all have their own advantages and disadvantages, and companies often require dedicated link builders and other experts to help determine what would work for their business.

SEO link building

Standard practices

User-generated content and guest blog outreach are just some of the components of some SEO link building campaigns. These are usually seen as being very basic, and can tap into a number of search engines to generate results. Link building campaigns of this nature are considered generic by some experts, because these methods are likely being used by most dedicated link building experts. This is not necessarily a negative factor, since the prevalence of their use is indicative of how efficient they can be when done correctly. For certain sites in certain industries, though, this is not enough.

Custom link building

An alternate approach to this is custom link building. This is a much rarer offering for SEO link building providers, but one that is sometimes seen as more valuable. The idea is to take an existing website and create an entirely customized link building strategy for it that may or may not utilize any components of the standard strategy. These custom tactics are usually suggested when standard techniques no longer do the job, or are effective but aren’t getting the client’s site where it should be.

Both the standard dedicated approach and the custom method of SEO link building have their place in an overall strategy. Sometimes, using both at the same time is not advisable, but these are rare instances. Most businesses can handle just the standard methods or have both at the same time. Still, experts may advise holding off on taking a custom plan until the more common techniques are used.

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