Subdomains: Can It Help You Out of Google Panda Penalty?

An article from The Wall Street Journal reported that Hubpages has found a way to recover from their Google Panda penalty through the use of subdomains. The article said that Hubpages was hit hard by the Google Panda update, but by moving their low quality content from their www site to a subdomain and keeping the quality content on the www site, progress was seen.

A Google representative gave an insightful comment regarding the use of subdomains to escape a Google Panda penalty.

Google Panda“Subdomains can be useful to separate content that is completely different from the rest of a site – for example, on domains such as However, site owners should not expect that simply adding a new subdomain on a site will trigger a boost in ranking.”

There are two ways you can recover from a Google Panda penalty. First is to remove all the low-quality content from your website, and second is to move low-quality content on your website to a new domain. In the case of Hubpages, Google saw the subdomains as a separate entity from the www website of Hubpages, releasing it from the tight grip of Google Panda.

Google is still active on its crusade to giving Google search engine users quality results. To avoid any Google Panda penalty, websites should contain fresh and unique content every time. SEO resellers, SEO specialists, and copywriters know the importance of content that’s why companies like are always producing quality content.

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