The Importance of Anchor Text

The Importance of Anchor TextMany of us may already know how anchor text affects SEO. As an SEO outsourcing company, we know how important anchor text is in SEO. See, most search engines determine search engine results pages (SERPs) by targeting the anchor texts of links to a certain page. That’s why most SEOs use a keyword as anchor text, for search purposes. However, this can only be seen by looking at extreme examples where a page ranks high only because of the anchor text attributed and no other SEO factors.

The most important thing that you have to remember – anchor texts create backlinks. Whenever you use anchor text to create a link to another page on your site, you are already creating a backlink. Also, using a backlink to disguise a link makes it easier for search engines to index that page for that keyword. Of course, you also need to remember that anchor texts and links in it are both relevant to each other.

Optimizing anchor texts still remains as one of the integral part of SEO. According to a survey, most SEO professionals put page link metrics as the most important ranking factor alongside domain link authority features used by search algorithms.

As SEO reseller professionals, we need to remember that anchor texts should link to something relevant to the text itself. There are some web pages that use anchor texts, but links to a page that contains no text. Let us all remember that anchor text is helpful for our sites to gain a good position on SERPs, but, if we continue to link this to pages without text, or garbage texts such as “jkl8prv”, this wouldn’t help our sites rank at all.

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