The Panda Is Back

Most people in the SEO industry would know that Google will release a new algorithm (again) worldwide, pertaining to Google AdWords. This is good news for companies who outsource seo, because the main change in algorithm would be to give more weight to landing page quality with the help of the AdWords Quality Score. Sounds new to you? Here’s what it is:

Google AdWords Quality Score is a system that calculates a keyword score. It checks factors pertaining to how relevant your keywords will be to your ad text and to a user’s query. The quality score is updated frequently and the updates are according to its performance. If you get a high keyword quality score, this means that there are great chances for your ads to get a higher position but in a lower cost-per-click (CPC), and you get a better ad placement / position. The quality score is used in estimating first page bids, determining if a keyword is fit to enter the ad auction, influencing your keywords’ CPCs,

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