IT Outsourcing Freelancers Get Nod from UK Small Business

Small businesses in the UK tend to use IT outsourcing rather than hire their own IT people, according to a survey by online freelance company With more than 60 percent of respondents planning to increase their IT and web development budgets, companies plan to use outsourced freelancers to boost their standing and generate revenue over the internet. An even better alternative to freelance outsourcing is hiring an IT outsourcing company to do the job. These kinds of companies provide more professionalism and expertise than some freelancers can.

This bodes well for the Philippines outsourcing industry, which continues to see a growing trend in SEO, web development, PHP development, and IT outsourcing. The strong industry offers various IT services to companies in the United States and other parts of the world. The country also offers tax holidays for certain IT firms located in its special economic zones. This way, Philippines outsourcing offers a lot of advantages that freelancers can’t.

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