Update on Google Sitelink

Google launched an update to its sitelinks last week. Some changes were on the display of the links, and it also enhanced the quality of results when a phrase, or even just a word is being searched for. These changes will make some effects to companies that outsource SEO, but don’t worry because it will be in a positive note.

Sitelinks does not really have a huge change, because a specific search will still appear if Google thinks that it is useful. Full-size text links with a URL and a line text, 12 links that may appear, and also the a clearer separation of the top domain from other domains are just some of the improvements that Google has made.

In line with this new sitelink update, Google said that “sitelink” selection and ranking can change from query to query, allowing more optimized results.

If you think that a link isn’t appropriate or if it is incorrect, users can also suggest lowering the rank of a particular link with the use of a Webmaster Tools Account. Abolishing the said link is not guaranteed, but suggesting that it isn’t applicable would not harm you. In fact, it may be a good way to improve how your site and sitelinks are viewed.

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