Who Refers Who?

In a study that PageLever conducted, it has been proven that 27% of referral traffic for the pages of Facebook comes from Google. PageLever is the analytics tool for Facebook, and they have seen that search engines are still doing its job to drive traffic to their pages. This is definitely a good news for companies that use social media marketing as part of their campaigns.

The study showed that the search engines are still on top of the list which gained 34% of all external referrals, but Google beats all of the other search engines. Next to Google is Yahoo, which got 4.11%. This is a little bit surprising since Bing, another search engine also teamed-up with Facebook, but it still remained at the bottom with 2.3%. YouTube was next to Yahoo, with 3.1%. All of these numbers are the mean percentage of the total external referrals.

Also, in this study, YouTube has proved that they can drive traffic

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