Three Tips to Drive Your Digital Marketing Agency’s Growth in 2020

Digital marketing agencies face a unique challenge. You need to create and execute compelling marketing campaigns that grow your clients’ businesses while simultaneously running and growing your own business.

To say that it’s difficult to juggle these two responsibilities is an understatement. On top of this challenge, marketing agencies have to deal with fierce competition. There are tons of start-ups and long-standing digital marketing brands that offer the same services as you, which means you have to vie for your target market’s attention.

Invest in strategies that grow your business. Focusing on business growth helps you become more competitive and generate more customers, future-proofing your digital marketing agency.

Adopt these three expert strategies on how to grow a digital marketing agency this 2020.

How To Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency

1. Focus on a specific market

As a business owner, it’s important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and know how to use them to your advantage. If you’re good with SEO solutions, you should focus on offering, promoting, and improving this service. Understanding the marketing opportunities and challenges of complex industries like construction, accounting, and manufacturing, for example, is also a strength that needs to be highlighted.

Specialization and verticalization can help grow your marketing agency. These can position you as an expert in your niche, improving your reputation and authority as a brand. Plus, you worry less about competitors since it’s a limited market.

This doesn’t mean you won’t accept projects that aren’t within your specialization. You can still execute PPC campaigns even if you’re an SEO firm. There are digital marketing outsourcing companies that can help you as well. They have the people and expertise to help you provide the value and quality that your clients deserve.

2. Create case studies

Your successful clients are a goldmine for your business growth. You can create case studies out of your best campaigns and make them accessible on your website. These are the most useful resources you can provide for your leads and prospects. They’ll see the kind of work you do and the techniques you perform to help your clients grow.

Have a page on your website dedicated to case studies, testimonials, and client stories. You can also include one for your service pages. For example, you can share how you helped one client increase their search rankings on your SEO service page.

3. Use lead magnets

As a digital marketing firm, you understand the importance of lead magnets, so you should include them on your website as well. The majority of your site visitors won’t convert unless you give them a good reason. Lead magnets provide value to your prospects without charging them. Templates, guides, e-books, and simple tools all make effective lead magnets.

Take WordStream, for example. It uses a free PPC analysis tool to attract leads.

These three strategies are just a few ways to drive business growth. There are plenty more techniques for you to consider, such as partnering with influencers and offering flexible prices and customizable packages. Make sure that you use strategies tailored to your business and industry to ensure success.

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