The Race to the Top: Outsourcing Your Way to Business Success

As the first quarter of 2013 draws to a close, business owners who didn’t take advantage of outsourcing in previous years are probably wondering if this is still a great time to get an outsourcing partner.


race to the top

Well, I say that there’s no better time to get one but now. I’ve said this many times, and I won’t get tired saying this while it still holds true: outsourcing can be used as a competitive advantage when executed correctly. It levels the playing field between startups and multinational companies as every organization regardless of size can now take advantage of global talents from across the world at affordable rates.



For the benefit of those who need a little more persuasion before finally seizing the advantages of outsourcing, here are some reasons why outsourcing could be your best bet to accelerate to the top of your industry.

Capitalize on Strengths and Minimize Costs

When growing a business, many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of being slaves to their own organization as they try to manage each and every aspect of it.


Reducing the effort and resources spent on tasks that are not crucial to your business function enables you to focus on your core competencies. It helps you dedicate more time and finances for strategizing and improving key areas of your organization that need focus.


Payroll processing, bookkeeping, and digital marketing are just some of the tasks you can ask an outsourcing provider to help you fulfill. This helps you tap into other people’s expertise and increase productivity while saving on costs which could’ve been spent training and paying for costly man hours had you decided to do these tasks internally. Imagine having the power to free yourself from tedious responsibilities while still being able to realize its full benefits. Outsourcing lets you make such advantage real.

Tap into a Global Knowledge Base

Outsourcing helps you gain access to world-class capabilities, which used to be an exclusive privilege of enterprise scale businesses. Now, you can choose from a large pool of high-potential talents at cost-effective rates.

Make Use of the Time Zone Differences

Having an outsourcing partner, in the Philippines for example, helps you keep your business going even as you sleep. Day time in the Philippines is night time in the US and UK. This means that if you’re operating your business from the US, you can rest assured that you can still get more work done from night time up to the wee hours of the morning because your counterparts in Manila are awake, and efficiently managing certain areas of your business on your behalf. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that provide 24/7 customer service to end-users, those that maintain e-commerce websites, and those that provide medical transcription services among others.

Gain Full Operational Control

If certain departments in your organization need some restructuring, this could be one of the prime motivators to consider outsourcing right away. It helps you gain access to better management skills that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you.


Nobody reaches the top of the business ladder without dealing with change. If there’s anything new that’s worth highlighting about 2013, it’s the fact the pace of change has finally gathered more speed and if you can’t keep up, growth would be impossible. Outsourcing requires a business model change. So if you must outsource, be agile enough to welcome the transformations.

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