Remarketing Ads: Is it Necessary for Your Business?

Let’s say you already have an optimized website with great content and awesome design. Your pages are ranking well and traffic overview is good. The sad reality says over 90% of your page visitors won’t convert to sales right away.


The good news is, remarketing gives you a chance to appeal to these potential customers. These could be someone who’s comparing your services with another competitor or a job applicant who clicked on your site’s career page. People who leave your site without converting become the target audience of remarketing ads.


Remarketing ads aim to target consumers who went to your site and left without taking the desired action you want them to do (ex: make an online purchase, sign-up for a newsletter). What remarketing does is track the sites these people visit next and serve them retargetting ads to encourage them back to your website and perform that desired action.



How does remarketing work?


Seek the help of a remarketing professional to help you start a campaign if you find remarketing a bit technical. It begins by installing a code, more commonly known as pixels, on certain pages of your website. You can choose to add these codes on selected pages or you may prefer to add it to your entire site. Every time people visit the pages with a pixel on it, a cookie is placed in their web browsers which automatically add them on the list of people who’ll see your ads after they leave your site.


This list allows remarketing vendors to display your ads to these “page abandoners” as they visit other websites. If a person sees your ad, revisits your website, and make a purchase, then he will be automatically removed from the list. These ads will follow your web visitors until they click on the call-to-action buttons and perform the expected action.


Does your business need it?


A remarketing strategy is suitable for all types of businesses that want to acquire more leads. As long as you have a website with products and/or services you want to market to consumers, remarketing can work for you when done right.


Just like any other online ads, too much remarketing can be annoying to your targeted leads. Instead of drawing them closer to your brand, these ads might push them away. Moderation is key. Make sure to consult a remarketing professional before launching your remarketing campaign.

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