Appreciation Leads to Action: Five Calls-to-Action for Your Thank You Page

The “Thank You” page may be the last one in your eCommerce site’s sales process, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any effort into optimizing it. Default or template thank you pages are wasted opportunities. Customers who reach these pages have already confirmed they trust you and are interested in your products, so your Thank You pages give you the chance to make additional sales or nurture your relationship with them.

“Optimizing” your thank you page isn’t about applying SEO strategies to it – the main focus is to let your customers know you appreciate their trust and loyalty, and encourage them to take further action. These calls to action can be categorized into five types:

A positive shopping experience can also make customers more likely to sign up for newsletters, mailing lists, or simple product update notifications. You can also offer subscriber-exclusive discounts, coupon codes, or resources like white papers for added incentive.

Keep Browsingamazon ads
If your website has other sections that need additional traffic, your store’s thank you page can provide the perfect opportunity to promote them. Make your thank you pages generate links to related blog posts, articles, news updates, or relevant advertisements. This is especially helpful if you’re selling online services or software, and provide additional resources through your blog or website’s resource center.

Continue Shopping
Encourage your customers to place additional orders or continue looking at related products by providing suggestions and links based on the customer’s order or browsing history. You can provide special discounts on these related items as a “gift” to thank your customer. As with any other call to action, a little incentive can go a long way.

Provide Feedback
Satisfied customers are often more than happy to provide positive feedback and suggestions. This is a great way to gather information on what else they’d like to see in your site, or if there are any improvements to make. You can get away with providing simple feedback forms to fill out, but you can also incentivize your feedback requests by offering discounts or coupon codes in exchange.

Refer Your Store to Other Shoppersmarshallfridge
Gain more leads and make more sales by allowing your existing customers to refer you to their friends. Incorporate social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest to give your customers a fun and easy way to share their new purchase. Implementing a referral points system is a great way to incentivize this call to action.

Your thank you pages should contain more than just your customer’s order confirmation and receipt. Incorporating calls to action into these pages can help you gain more insight into your customers’ preferences, increase sales and traffic, and provide better ways for them to interact with or promote your brand.

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