AdWords Social Extensions and Google+

Google recently added new features to Google+. A user with an account can manage +1s and view how many +1d their Google Page. Companies who outsource SEO may be interested to know that this adds significant SEO value. However, these features are only available to Google+ users.

AdWords social extension is a new feature of Google Adwords. Google+ followers will show (and count) to your PPC ads. However, social extensions are quite new, and Google is still finding ways to make it better and useful for us. Also, note that these extensions are for Google+ business pages only.

Types of Social Extensions

Personal – This type of extension shows you how many people within your Google+ circle have +1’d either your landing page or your Google+ business page.

Basic– A basic social extension will show you how many people across the web have +1’d your landing page or your Google+ business page.

Benefits of Setting Up Social Extensions

Most companies would like to know how these social extensions can affect their business before setting it up. For brands who have tried using these social extensions, the results looked good for them. Their click-through rates (CTRs) with social extensions was higher than standard ads without the extensions.

Generally, the advantages for having social extensions on your PPC ads are:

  • If you start to roll out your ads with the social extensions now, you’ll be able to do it first before your competitors do.
  • Setting up social extension on your PPC ads is easy and it’s free. It will also give your ads more credibility, since social annotations will appear within them.
  • It shows that PPC ads with social extensions are generating higher CTRs than standard ones.

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