Day: September 1, 2010

More Banks Outsourcing Processes

A lot of US banks lately are turning to outsourcing companies to take care of their nonessential business processes. Research reports suggest that, in a few years, the bank BPO industry will nearly double its 2008 earnings. That’s quite a jump: the banking industry invested $38.1 billion in business process outsourcing pursuits in 2008, and that’s expected to rise to more than $ 67 billion in 2015.

Originality in SEO Outsourcing

Content writing is one of the most common parts of the SEO outsourcing package, and is arguably one of the root functions of an Internet marketing campaign. Text and written content attract the attention of search engines and can stir up interest from potential customers. This can be used to show that a website has far more depth to it than the use of Flash animation or Javascript would indicate.

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