August 2010

Non-Disclosure Agreements for IT Outsourcing

It is reasonable to think that any business, given enough time to operate and develop its own ways of doing things, will want that knowledge protected. Trade secrets can help differentiate a company from its competitors, and should be kept secret. However, this can cause complications if they decide to engage in IT outsourcing.

SEO Outsourcing vs. Yellow Page Ads

One of the keys in a successful marketing campaign is establishing a strong public presence. This is what traditional marketing methods like yellow page marketing promises, and this is arguably what SEO outsourcing firms promise–not a sharp conversion of traffic to sales, but an improved presence on the Internet. There are a couple of different advantages for each strategy.

Philippines Still One of the Best Outsourcing Destinations

In spite of China’s emergence in global outsourcing, it isn’t going to unseat the Philippines outsourcing industry from its spot as one of the top destinations for offshore operations. While it’s a growing market, China simply isn’t ready from a managerial standpoint, according to outsourcing research firm Everest.

Drop in IT Outsourcing Seen in Survey

The global numbers say that IT outsourcing isn’t at the same level it was just a few months ago. A study by the Everest Research Institute shows that although the industry is still very strong, demand has somewhat weakened because of the global economic slump.

Analyzing Sites for SEO

When it comes down to it, an SEO marketing plan will eventually need to be measured for how successful it has been. The point of such a marketing plan is to increase traffic to the website, so measuring its success is a matter of knowing some details. There is a lot of information that outsourcing companies need to know or will find useful when engaging in any sort of campaign.

IT Outsourcing Freelancers Get Nod from UK Small Business

Small businesses in the UK tend to use IT outsourcing rather than hire their own IT people, according to a survey by online freelance company With more than 60 percent of respondents planning to increase their IT and web development budgets, companies plan to use outsourced freelancers to boost their standing and generate revenue over the internet.

Forum Moderation and Internet Marketing

On the Internet, there are numerous sites and ways for people of similar interests or backgrounds to connect, share ideas, and interact. Social networking sites and social media are among the latest developments, but one of the longest running is the concept of the Internet forum. Forums are an interesting area for a company to expand its IT outsourcing and online marketing efforts.

Growth Predicted in Medical Data Outsourcing

Medical transcription has been in the Philippines outsourcing industry for almost a decade now. Along with legal transcription, this field has provided some growth in the business process outsourcing industry. This branch of outsourcing expects growth from other allied fields, such as medical billing, claims processing, and medical coding.

IT Staff Rental

In some instances, it is more beneficial for a company to rent office space for short-term projects, rather than leasing out for the long run. The same concept applies to IT outsourcing – a project or task may only be temporary in nature, but that doesn’t always mean that the company has the manpower to assign to the task. In such cases, one of the more intriguing options is to rent the IT staff required.

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